Genexpath will develop, manufacture and market kits for lymphomas and sarcomas. It was created in Normandy and is based in Rouen.

Genepath is born

Genexpath will develop, manufacture and market kits for lymphomas and sarcomas. It was created in Normandy and is based in Rouen.

The Henri Becquerel Center research team led by Professor Fabrice Jardin has been working for several years in collaboration with other Normandy establishments to develop products to classify lymphomas and detect fusion genes in sarcomas. Genexpath is the logical continuation of this work that the teams wanted to see offered to healthcare centers to facilitate and make reliable diagnoses at the best price.

The Henri Becquerel Center, which is one of the 18 French Cancer Centers, has a triple mission of care, research and teaching. These first two missions are in perfect harmony with the Genexpath project which will make the research carried out within the center accessible. The Center Henri Becquerel is also a shareholder of Genexpath.

Normandie Valorisation, which brings together under its banner all the establishments and organizations involved in the activities of Norman research laboratories, has worked to enable the transfer of technology to Genexpath. She also became a shareholder.

Several researchers have also joined the adventure and as shareholders and/or stakeholders in the work of the company.

Genexpath is currently working to obtain CE-IVD marking for its products. The company will also market the GenerateReports software, also developed within the Henri Becquerel Center and allowing the analysis of raw sequencing data.

About Normandie Valorisation

Component fully integrated into Normandy University, NV has a multidisciplinary team of 23 professionals and a fund of more than €6 million for three years. NV brings its expertise in technology scouting, intellectual property, and licensing to promote the creation of a complete value chain in Normandy. With Normandie Valorisation, the innovations of the research laboratories of Normandy establishments go from the laboratory bench to the real world by becoming products or services useful to everyone, with a real impact on the territory.

About the Henri Becquerel Center

The Center is the bearer of a model based on the multidisciplinarity specific to the Cancer Centers, and tends towards personalized medicine, patient follow-up is provided by a medical team made up of different specialists (surgeon, radiotherapist, oncologist, etc.) supported by paramedics. It is a collective work for the benefit of the patient. 845 employees (including 99 doctors, university professors and researchers) serve nearly 25,200 patients per year.

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