Custom Panels

Democratizing access to RT-MLPSeq technology

The solution Custom Panel from Genexpath allows you to assess the mRNA expression level of 10 to 100 markers of interest of your choice.

In research projects, it is often necessary to obtain the gene expression of several dozen markers. At present, relative expression can only be analyzed with a small number of genes simultaneously, using complicated protocols. In addition, manipulation times are often very long, and solutions on the market are often expensive.

Genexpath's custom panel solution enables you to select your markers of interest quickly and easily. We then provide you with a turnkey solution: an in Vitro test and a bioinformatic analysis after a NGS sequencing.

These custom panels can be made for any type of genome. We can produce panels from ten to a hundred markers.

Description Solution panel à façon
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Protocole panel à façon

A simple and rapid protocol

The in vitro test is made up of 4 steps lasting 1/2 day, including 1h to 1h30 of actual handling.

The NGS sequencing part requires just 100,000 reads per sample.

What's more, you can sequence test samples with other libraries, and barcodes are supplied with the kit.

These tests save you time in your projects.

Robust and efficient computer analysis

Once sequencing has been completed, you load the FASTQ file onto the Genexpath platform, which, after a few minutes of analysis, delivers a file containing the raw data and relative expression of each marker in the panel.

On request: RT-MIS can also generate customized graphs to facilitate interpretation of results.

Résultats panel à façon

Custom panels are available for 32 or 64 samples.

For research purposes only