Our partners

Before its creation, Genexpath was supported by partners who made it possible to carry out all the stages necessary for the development and marketing of the products.

These partners who have contributed to the success of Genexpath

Genexpath was incubated at Normandie Incubation and thus benefited from quality support and strong support in the realization of this project. This support is just as important before the creation as in the months following the creation. We would particularly like to thank Normandie Incubation for its enthusiasm and kindness

Normandie Incubation: incubator for Normandy start-ups.

Réseau Entreprendre Normandie Seine et Eure

Réseau Entreprendre offers us personalized and long-term support that allows us to move forward, to reflect on our objectives and our best practices in a friendly setting. Network emulation is very important to us. Thanks also to our guide for her advice and support.


BPIFrance supported Genexpath in the research and development of the SarcomaFusion test and LymphoSign test products. It also contributed to the financing of its activity. We warmly thank BPIFrance for the attention given to our subjects and the quality of our exchanges. SarcomaFusion test and LymphoSign test. Elle a également contribué au financement de son activité. Nous remercions chaleureusement BPIFrance pour l’attention accordée à nos sujets et la qualité de nos échanges.

Initiative Rouen

Initiative Rouen supports creators and buyers eligible for financial aid from the association. The strength of Initiative Rouen is its network of sponsors, business leaders and experts. They voluntarily bring their skills and experience to the service of creators. We thank them for their support.

Normandie Attractivité

Based in Rouen, at the heart of a professional network of innovation, Genexpath is proud of its region. Normandie Attractivité promotes Normandy, its know-how and its inhabitants to highlight all the economic players in the region.

We also thank all our partners on a daily basis Supliers and service providers who have allowed us to move forward and have contributed to the development of products and team spirit.