A word from the CEO

Genexpath is the fruit of a meeting with a team from the INSERM unit in Rouen. I was quickly won over by the personalities of the members of this team, as well as by their research and vision of it.
Collectively, we very quickly thought that this work could be made available to as many people as possible through the creation of a company, and that's how Genexpath was born.
I'm proud to have been welcomed by these researchers, proud to have contributed to the dissemination of this work, and proud of all the work accomplished by the Genexpath team.

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Genexpath's Team

The Genexpath team is multidisciplinary.
It brings together very different and complementary profiles in the service of product development. We carry out production and product testing at our Rouen facility in Normandy. IT applications are also developed in-house, with the help of partners to support us and enable us to best meet user expectations.

For some time now, the team has been expanding to develop products and services and support users of our solutions.


The Henri Becquerel Center team

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The research team at the Centre Henri Becquerel, attached to INSERM Unit 1245, is behind the work that led to the development of the products marketed by Genexpath. They are involved on a regular basis in the continuous improvement of our products. They also contribute to the development of the company's future products.


The research team of Henri Becquerel Cancer center (Inserm U1245) led by Professor Fabrice Jardin has been working for several years in collaboration with other institutions to develop solutions for classifying lymphomas and detecting fusion transcripts in various pathologies and in particular sarcomas.

Genexpath was created in 2020 in Rouen in Normandy to industrialize and market the products resulting from this work. It is directed by Juliette Renauld.

Genexpath is the logical continuation of this work that the research team wanted to see offered to as many as possible to facilitate and make diagnoses more reliable, at the best price. The production and quality control of Genexpath products are carried out in the Rouen premises.

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Our mission

Nowadays, the diagnosis of rare cancers is expensive.

Genexpath develops, produces and markets innovative products resulting from academic research.

Genexpath aims to improve the characterization of cancers through innovative approaches in molecular biology, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.

Since its creation, Genexpath has sought to make its products usable for diagnosis to molecular biology laboratories and anatomopathology departments and to offer turnkey solutions from the bench to the bioinformatics analysis of data.

Certification ISO 13485 : 2016

Genexpath est certifiée ISO 13 485 : 2016.

Cette certification atteste des activités de conception, de production, de distribution de nos dispositifs médicaux de diagnostic in vitro, pour l’analyse génétique dans diverses pathologies.

Genexpath s’engage à produire des services de qualité, reflétant notre engagement à respecter les règles les plus rigoureuses. Nous garantissons une fiabilité et une efficacité maximales pour les utilisateurs de nos produits.