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Genexpath's core business is the development of tumor classification tests. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in patient diagnosis and treatment.

The tests are based on an innovative technique which has been the subject of several publications in high-impact scientific journals, and has been the subject of four patent applications. The technique has already been tried and tested.

These tests are performed on tumor RNA biopsied from the patient. The innovation lies in the fact that the quantity of RNA required is very small, and that in the case of sarcoma, a less invasive needle biopsy is sufficient to detect fusion transcripts.

Genexpath kits allow much faster and much cheaper analysis than more traditional methods.

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Classification tests

Genexpath currently markets 3 tumor classification tests: LymphoSign test, SarcomaFusion test and LymphoTranscript. These solutions combine an in vitro test (LD-RT-PCR) with bioinformatics analysis after NGS sequencing.
Our products are optimized for difficult samples or small quantities. The simple and fast protocol facilitates the deployment of the technique within the various departments. It does not require any specific hardware. Conventional laboratory equipment is sufficient as well as an NGS sequencer.
These tests can be sequenced simultaneously with other libraries, and require only 100,000 reads per sample. This is a great advantage for laboratories, and a significant cost saving. There's no need to wait until you have enough samples to start sequencing, or to monopolize the sequencer for these tests alone.
After sequencing, our RT-MIS software, combined with artificial intelligence for the classification of non-Hodgkin lymphomas, facilitates the interpretation of the results.
RT-MIS is quick and easy to use, with no local installation required. The results provided are extremely comprehensive.
These tests are the result of research carried out by Inserm Unit 1245 at the Henri Becquerel Centre in Rouen, with which Genexpath works closely. They are now available to all hospitals throughout the world

Finally, tests have shown that this solution can identify cases that remain undetected by conventional techniques.

GenerateReports software

Genexpath also markets the software GenerateReports which allows the analysis and interpretation of high-throughput sequencing results.
GenerateReports supports a wide variety of raw data and incorporates the latest algorithms published in the literature for variant detection.
GenerateReport is economical and adapts perfectly to the multicentric research projects that we are very proud to be able to support.

In the future, Genexpath aims to develop and/or industrialize other classification tests in order to facilitate the work of professionals. Our ambition is also to once again make the work of researchers available to as many people as possible.